ARCHES: Advancing Research and Capacity in Hydrologic Education and Science

In partnership with the Department of State, the University of Georgia, and the University of Kentucky, ARCHES facilitates a training program that builds capacity of developing country investigators and institutions to conduct hydrological science.

This program aims to enable young scientists to more effectively perform the high level research that will ultimately improve quality of life, enhance science-based decision making, and facilitate economic growth.



Inadequate access to clean water and sanitation is a particular problem in a belt of countries that extends across North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia, which USAID (2006) defined as the Asia and Near East (ANE) region.

In the arid to semi-arid Middle East and North Africa, absolute water scarcity is a primary problem, whereas in humid, tropical Southeast Asia, water pollution from unanswered urban areas, agriculture, and mining is a greater concern.

To address these challenges, students will learn how to acquire hydrologic data, process and interpret those data, and communicate their findings to technical and non-technical audiences.



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