Hydrologic Education & Capacity Building

Hydrologic Education & Capacity Building


As part of two successive DOS-funded projects (BOOST: Building Opportunity Out of Science and Technology), the PDs have established the ARCHES (Advancing Research & Capacity in Hydrologic Education and Science) program (http://arches.wrrs.uga.edu), which offers innovative training and outreach techniques for post-secondary students and young professionals. This provides a vehicle for increasing young researchers’ capacity to connect with national and international scientific communities in the hydrologic sciences. We have amassed digital content on Moodle (http://wrrs.uga.edu/moodle) and connections on various social media sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube). The site contains teaching material (e.g., PowerPoint lectures, workshop exercises), resource links (e.g., U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data), training videos amassed during the BOOST program, data resources, social media links, and a list of collaborators and network databases. In total, over 40 students, 15 collaborators, and 10 governmental agencies from Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, and Indonesia participated in the ARCHES program.


Projects & Research

Please visit the ARCHES website to access project information and resources: http://arches.wrrs.uga.edu

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