WRRS personnel have over ten years of experience in: hydrogeology, hydrology, remote sensing/GIS processing, hydrologic modeling, water supply, and environmental change analysis. Please email the lab director (Dr. Adam Milewski: milewski at uga.edu) to discuss any potential collaboration opportunities or requests for consulting services.

Examples of ongoing and past consulting/projects include:
1) Hydrogeologic site assessment
2) Groundwater flow modeling (e.g, [MODFLOW] – Visual MODFLOW, GMS)
3) Surface water flow modeling (e.g., SWAT)
4) Groundwater fate and transport modeling (e.g, MODPATH,MT3DMS)
5) Satellite image processing (e.g., Landsat, ASTER, MODIS, TRMM/GPM, SeaWiFS)
6) UAV thermal and visible analysis

Example: capture analysis (MODFLOW/MODPATH) of MTBE


RESDEM (Remote Sensing Data Extraction Model)

Milewski, A., Sultan, M., Markondiah Jayaprakash, S., Balekai, R., and Becker, R., 2009, RESDEM, a Tool for Integrating Temporal Remote Sensing Data for use in Hydrogeologic Investigations, Journal of Computers and Geosciences, 35, 2001-2010. (PDF)